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Changing the World One Sustainable Product at a Time Sure Seems to Make News.

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Man drinking from phade straw

January 2, 2024

National Drinking Straw Day

Whether it’s National Drinking Straw Day or just your average Wednesday, resolving to live eco-friendlier in 2024 is as easy as switching to a better straw.

Paper Straws

September 5, 2023

Support for Paper Straws is Going Soft

Paper straws are more flawed than their poor, soggy performance. With toxic chemicals reinforcing their makeup and posing a risk to your customers and the environment alike, it’s about time we bust that myth once and for all.

July 24, 2023

Gandy Beach Cleanup

Introducing the phade Beach Cleanup Tour, a Florida-centric effort that will take us to several stops along the coast. There, we'll enlist local businesses and residents to help rid their shores of billions of pieces of trash we've been working so hard to replace and, together, we'll make waves for a cleaner planet!

June 13, 2023

Biodegradable, Sustainable, Compostable, Oh My!

Consumers want sustainable products. Fortunately, many products proclaim to be just that. But what does sustainability really mean, and how do you know the product you’re offering truly is?