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The Only Compostable Cup of Its Kind

Made of paper, PHA and absolutely zero plastic, it’s the first truly sustainable single-use cup, and it’s only from phade®.

Where the Others Went Wrong

Most traditional single-use paper cups are lined with fossil fuel-based plastic to prevent hot liquids from leaking through. This not only renders the cups unrecyclable and nonbiodegradable but, according to research featured in Environmental Science & Technology, it can release trillions of plastic nanoparticles into the cup’s contents.

With phade®, you don’t have to worry about ingesting microscopic toxins with every sip. It’s the world’s first cup lined with PHA, a natural biopolymer derived from canola oil. Unlike the conventional plastic coating, this natural alternative comes from the earth and can return to it after use, meaning phade® can be safely recycled or composted — a fact no paper hot cup could claim until now.