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Why phade?

Plastic straws aren’t going away anytime soon, so we’re making them better! We’ve replaced petroleum-based plastic with PHA, a material derived from fermented canola oil, to create phade® straws and stirrers.

Because it is plant based and comes from nature, PHA will naturally be consumed by bacteria as an energy and food source. PHA-digesting bacteria are found in nearly all natural environments, so phade® straws are both home and industrial compostable, as well as marine biodegradable, creating an ideal solution to our global waste problem. With phade® straws you can consume in good conscience knowing you’re doing something great for the planet with each sip!

What makes phade® straws and stirrers different:

biodegradable in months icon

Marine biodegradable and compostable, in months not centuries

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Looks, feels and most importantly, performs like traditional plastic straws

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More convenient and hygienic than reusable straws

Our products are 100% gluten free.  PHA is made from the fermentation of canola oil (feeding canola oil to bacteria).  Naturally, canola oil is gluten free, but the fermentation process (the consumption of canola oil by bacteria) and the storage of the canola as energy reserves within the bacteria also eliminates any connection to the canola.  The bacteria consume the oil; we extract the energy reserves from the bacteria, and that becomes PHA. 

phade biodegradable pha molecule

It’s not lip service. It’s science.

phade® straws and stirrers can literally disappear in a matter of months. How do we do it? The key to phade® is PHA (short for polyhydroxyalkanoate), a substrate derived from the fermentation of canola oil that maintains the feel and user experience of traditional plastic, but that’s where the similarities end.

phade straws are marine biodegradable, home and industrial compostable – the best sustainable solution.

Read on to learn more about the revolutionary material that is changing the straw game for good.

A small sip can make a big impact.

A sustainable future has to start somewhere, and phade® makes it easy. phade® straws and stirrers provide the same drinking experience you know and love but are marine biodegradable and compostable. You won’t notice a difference, but future generations will.

See how you can do a lot of good with this little straw.

Blue is the New Green™

Your customers care about the environment. Now, you can carry the PHA straw that empowers them to help make a lasting impact.

Click below to see how you can give your business the phade advantage.

I LOVE these straws. They feel like plastic, but are home compostable and marine biodegradable. I avoid using plastic straws for environmental reasons, but I hate using paper straws. This is such a great alternative and I will be buying them again!

Amazon Customer

I’ve tried to be environmentally conscious and use paper straws, but can’t stand they fall apart in a drink and feel mushy in my mouth. I like that my family can use these straws guilt free, just throw them into the home compost.

Shopify Customer

I am clumsy and have nerve damage, so I prefer my drinks with a straw. I have tried every paper and compostable straw I can find, and these are by FAR the best.

Amazon Customer