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Give Your Business the phade Advantage

Offering the best drinking straws is one small part of creating the best user experience for your customer or guest, and a great way to show your business cares about the environment.

paper wrapped phade straw

Now, you can carry the PHA straws and stirrers that empowers them to help make a lasting impact on the environment. And they will appreciate your business for making that happen.

phade drinking straws cartons

Forget going green. The future is blue.

When profit is your priority, sustainability can take a backseat. With phade® straws, it doesn’t have to. phade® straws and stirrers are functional, sustainable, accessible, and affordable. They perform the way your customers expect and because they are marine biodegradable, home and industrial compostable, phade® enables your customer to feel great because they are doing something good for the planet. They will appreciate your business even more because of the impact you help them make. We’d say that’s a pretty powerful straw!

The pros of PHA

PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) is the biopolymer here to change the planet. It’s a substrate derived from the fermentation of canola oil, making PHA an all-natural alternative we can use to create products that look, feel and function like traditional plastic (with advanced environmental benefits).

Because of PHA’s organic make-up, it acts as a food and energy source to bacteria found in nearly all natural environments. This means phade® products can return to nature after use and proper disposal, and go away in just a matter of months.

Touts all the pros of traditional plastic

but is marine biodegradable and home and industrial compostable

• strength
• durability
• performance

A better sustainable choice than paper

and never loses its form or functionality

  • no non-biodegradable adhesives
  • marine biodegradable and home and industrial compostable
  • better upstream impacts and lower greenhouse gas profiles

and doesn’t contain chemicals and adhesives like paper straws can

  • PFAS – “Forever Chemicals”
  • PVA’s – Polyvinyl Acetate and other harmful glues and adhesives

Better for Your Business

  • Made in the USA
  • Already in mass distribution
  • Scalable to meet the growing demand
  • For sustainable business practices

By replacing traditional straws with phade® straws, your business gets the virtual stamp of approval from eco-conscious consumers. Globally, 80% of consumers say that sustainability is a key factor in buying decisions.

Give phade® straws a try today.

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