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The Marine Biodegradable Drinking Straws that are Changing the World

Meet phade® – some very special straws created from nature, for nature. Once composted, they return to the environment. That’s because they’re made with PHA, a material derived from canola oil, making them strong, sturdy, and sustainable.

Not convinced? Keep reading to discover why we’re confident that Blue Is The New Green™.

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Solving the Plastic Problem Starts with this Straw

Products used for minutes shouldn’t be made to last 200 years or more—and now they aren’t. phade® marine biodegradable, home and industrial compostable straws are the latest breakthrough in sustainable product innovation and they go away in just a matter of months. Watch below to see phade, marine biodegradable, home and compostable straws breakdown in a controlled marine environment in just 58 days (vs. 73,049 days for a traditional plastic straw).

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Sustainability is Serious Business

Plastic waste pollution is a major problem. Until we can better manage our waste, we’re targeting the waste itself by changing how it’s made. Our priority is to replace petroleum-based plastic straws with an effective, sustainable solution, so we worked with independent labs and the leading third-party certification programs to verify our claims.

Here is how we stack up

Certified BPI Compostable

We’re making waves by keeping traditional plastic straws out of them. See what everyone is saying.

Cover of Sustainable Plastics Magazine

‘Doing the Right Thing’ Read Karen Laird’s article about our biodegradable straw in the May/June issue of Sustainable Plastics

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phade biodegradable straws could prevent new coral from becoming expensive fish food

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Not all waste is created equal. Certified marine biodegradable products guarantee they will go away just as advertised.

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People-Pleasing, Planet-Protecting Straws.

phade® straws are the best of both worlds. They look, feel, and function like traditional plastic straws, but when composted, completely biodegrade. If a phade® straw were to unfortunately end up in the ocean, it would sink and biodegrade in a few months, compared with the 200+ years it takes for petroleum-based plastics to go away, protecting millions of marine species in the process.

Try phade® straws for yourself. The sea turtles will thank you.

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We can all do our part to save the planet by changing the way we sip. Enjoy your smoothies and soft drinks the responsible way with phade®.

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phade® for Business

phade® straws provide an eco-friendly and enjoyable experience – two things your customers will appreciate. Show them you care by making the responsible choice.

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