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Join a Planet-Saving Partnership

The phade® Brand Ambassador Program is your chance to help advance the movement to replace traditional plastics with our revolutionary sustainable products.

paper wrapped phade straw

There are perks that come with being a phade Brand Ambassador, but your participation has far more return than followers or free swag. You’re supporting a brand dedicated to curbing the global plastics crisis and creating a cleaner place for us all to call home – and your impact will be felt well into the future.

By championing phade, you can help change the world.

Fill out the form below to help us get to know you and begin your journey as a phade Brand Ambassador.

Post your phade experiences on social media to show you care about the planet and use sustainable products to prove it.

Spread the word throughout your community and local business with sales materials provided by us. Go at you own pace with NO quotas!

It pays to care about the planet! Use your unique Ambassador Code to earn cash and other exclusive rewards every sale. (Applies to repeat customers too!)

Aside from feeling like a hero for helping save the planet, of course, phade Brand Ambassadors take home exclusive phade merchandise, benefit from an expanded social media presence and earn commission on every sale.

Complete the following form to take your first step toward becoming our partner in saving the planet.

The Facts: phade® outperforms other
eco-friendly straws

Phade PLA Paper Straws
Consumer Benefits
High Level of Performance Yes Yes No
Great Customer Experience Won’t become soggy or collapse Yes Yes No
Free of Fibers that May Pose a Choking  Hazard for Children or People With Disabilities Yes Yes No
Eco Benefits
Free of Adhesives That May Not Biodegrade Yes Yes Maybe
Marine Biodegradable Yes No Maybe
Home Compostable Yes No Maybe
Industrial Compostable Yes Yes Maybe
Operator Benefits
Handles High Heat Shipping Yes No Maybe
Multiple End of Life Options Yes No Yes
Made in the USA Yes Maybe Maybe