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Let’s Make Waves for a Cleaner Planet!

After replacing a billion straws with our marine biodegradable, home and industrial compostable alternative, we called on the world to help us replace a billion more – enough straws, end to end, to effectively reach the moon! Now, for the next leg of our planet-saving mission, we’re shifting our gaze from the horizons back down to Earth. Back to what we know best. Back to the beach.

Introducing the phade Beach Cleanup Tour, a Florida-centric effort that will take us to several stops along the coast. There, we’ll enlist local businesses and residents to help rid their shores of billions of pieces of trash we’ve been working so hard to replace and, together, we’ll make waves for a cleaner planet!

Smathers Beach

Date: June 22, 2024

Time: 8am-9:30am

2001 S Roosevelt Blvd
Key West

Brevard Beach

Date: July 27, 2024

Time: 8am-10:00am

Lori Wilson Beach Park
1500 N Atlantic Ave
Cocoa Beach

Participants of Beach Clean Ups are kindly requested to arrive 30 minutes in advance to complete the necessary waivers and collect supplies.

We’re making waves for a cleaner planet.

Why? Because our oceans should last forever, not our straws. See how long it takes a phade straw to biodegrade and learn more about why we’re embarking on our first phade Beach Cleanup Tour.