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January 2, 2024

National Drinking Straw Day

Right now, everyone is hard at work on their New Year’s Resolution. But here at phade, our resolution is the same as it’s always been – to protect our oceans and preserve our planet by replacing traditional plastics for good. So, whether it’s National Drinking Straw Day or just your average Wednesday, resolving to live eco-friendlier in 2024 is as easy as switching to a different straw. Dare we say…a better straw. 

See, with over eight billion tons of petroleum-based plastics currently weighing on our planet’s health, it’s become painfully apparent that products we use for minutes shouldn’t last for centuries. So, we set out to create a sustainable straw that simply wouldn’t. By replacing plastic with polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), a material derived from fermented canola oil, we were able to develop a marine biodegradable, home and industrial compostable alternative – one that wouldn’t sit in a landfill for centuries to come.

Man drinking from phade straw

phade® straws and stirrers maintain all of the benefits of plastic and paper straws, like durability and the use of more natural materials, with none of the drawbacks, such as sogginess or the general pollution of our planet and its oceans. This makes phade both surprisingly enjoyable to use and remarkably good for the environment – two things you’d be hard pressed to find in a single straw until now. So, while nearly every piece of traditional plastic ever made still sits somewhere spoiling our planet, phade offers a biodegradable replacement with an honest, end-of-life solution that effectively mitigates the global plastics crisis.

TL;DR – it’s OK for you to feel good about using straws again!

After all, when a traditional plastic straw takes over 73,000 days to break down, and ours do so in a fraction of the time (about 58 days), it’s hard not to feel good about it. Plus, with over one billion phade straws sold to date, the progress phade straws are making for the planet is plain to see, giving every day a good reason to celebrate. Today, we have another. So, help us ring in National Drinking Straw Day the best way we know how ­– by raising a drink, taking a sip and helping us make a difference from sea to shining sea.