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Single Use Can Be Sustainable

Compostable straws that are certified for both Home and Industrial composting are a critical part of addressing the global plastic pollution problem.

paper wrapped phade straw

phade® straws and stirrers provide the same drinking experience you expect, but are marine biodegradable as well as home and industrial compostable, so you can feel great because, with each sip through a phade straw, you are doing something great for the planet. Now you can sip with sustainable satisfaction!

A small switch can fix a giant problem

What’s one straw when there are millions of tons of plastic floating in the ocean? A big deal, actually. There are estimates that Americans use around 500 million straws every day. If we replaced even half of those with phade® straws, which biodegrade after proper disposal without a trace in just a matter of months, imagine the impact we could have. It all starts with you. With a small switch, you can help change the world. It’s sustainability made simple.

ocean waves on beach

If phade® straws sound too good to be true, that’s probably because other alternatives come up short.

Some bio-based straw alternatives, like PLA, can only be composted in industrial compostable facilities (NOTE: if a straws wrapper says “100% compostable”, it usually means it is only industrial compostable), and there are only 185 industrial compostable facilities in the entire US. Paper straws, while sustainable, actually have a number of challenges. Most paper straws don’t hold up well in usage conditions, so they don’t meet the performance expectations of the end user, but more importantly, many of these straws contain the dreaded PFAS or “forever” chemicals and or non-biodegradable adhesives which raises the question of how biodegradable they really are, and how harmful they can be to the end user.

phade® straws can break down in nearly any natural environment that has the presence of bacteria because they’re made from PHA, or polyhydroxyakanoate. PHA is a naturally occurring biopolymer that comes from the fermentation of canola oil, so bacteria will consume and break it down anywhere they are present. It sounds fancy, but it’s really just sustainable science.

Do you compost?

Great! Toss phade® straws in and they’ll be gone in a matter of months.

No compost bin? No problem.

phade® straws are for everyone. While home composting is extremely effective, phade® will also biodegrade just about anywhere there’s bacteria. In water, in industrial composting facilities–you name it. That’s how one marine biodegradable, home and industrial compostable straw can and is creating a real solution to our global waste problem.

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