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Changing the World One Sustainable Product at a Time Sure Seems to Make News.

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phade straws in Yankee Stadium

May 20, 2022

Baseball is in full swing!

If you're having trouble saying how good phade straws make you feel, try singing it instead. But please. Be courteous to the fans around you.

Times Square Earth Day Billboards

April 22, 2022

Earth Day 2022

This Earth Day, we gave Times Square a friendly reminder… that even small actions can have a global impact. Celebrate sustainably.

phade Big Game Video

February 13, 2022

phade LVI video

Surprised who made it to the Big Game? Not the teams… We’re talking about us! Wherever you’re watching on Sunday, look for our iconic phade blue straws keeping the crowd at SoFi Stadium hydrated in the most sustainable way possible.

phade straw in tank

August 9, 2021

phade Time Lapse

Straws shouldn’t last for centuries. Now they don’t. phade® straws are the latest breakthrough in sustainable product innovation and they go away in a matter of months. And now, you can watch it happen with your own eyes.