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Ushering in a New Age of 4Rs:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and REPLACE

For decades, we’ve believed that we could reduce, reuse, and recycle our way to a healthy, petroleum-based plastic free planet. The reality is it’s just not enough. Not even close.

Despite our best efforts to date, our landfills are overflowing, our waterways are contaminated, and 13 million tons of plastic are actively wreaking havoc on our ocean ecosystem.

Clean Ocean

What’s worse? Experts estimate a 4X pile-on to the crisis by 2050 through even more consumption of traditional, petroleum-based plastic.

Recycle Graphic

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Together, we can mobilize and solve our global plastics crisis. And while we must improve recycling and remain fervently committed to reduction and reuse, it is clear that if we are to truly avoid irreversible damage to our planet and our health, then we need to leverage PHA-based alternatives to strategically REPLACE petroleum-based, single-use plastics into extinction.

Why do we need more pressure to replace? The ugly truth is that nearly 90% of all plastics get used once and then tossed. And with a lifecycle of 200+ years, that means nearly every piece of traditional plastics ever created is still somewhere contaminating our planet. Compare that to PHA-based solutions like phade® that organically break down in a matter of months in both composting and marine environments. That’s a contrast of one product that essentially never dies vs the other, which naturally returns back to the earth, and actually goes away with the kind of end-of-life story that is remarkably sustainable. More than that, its centuries of pollution we can effortlessly avoid with a simple swap and, frankly, it’s a change the longevity of our planet depends on.

Combatting this crisis will take all of us working together. We developed phade® to give the world an innovative, functional solution to replace petroleum-based, single-use plastics. Join us by spreading the word and let’s make harmful petroleum-based plastic a thing of the past.

Sustainability without the Sacrifice

Customers like socially responsible businesses. Choosing phade® straws puts that responsibility and an investment in our future on display, offering a superior sipping experience without contributing to the global plastic waste problem. Those are qualities your customers will appreciate and reward with their patronage.

Find out how phade® offers an unmatched sustainable solution.

Straws shouldn’t last centuries.
Now they don’t.

Products used for minutes shouldn’t be made to last 200 years or more—and now they aren’t. phade® marine biodegradable, home and industrial compostable straws are the latest breakthrough in sustainable product innovation and they go away in just a matter of months.

We know seeing is believing, so click here to see a phade® straw break down in a controlled marine environment in just 58 days.

SmartBrief Innovation Award

April 8, 2021

WinCup Receives Foodservice InnovationAward For Sustainability Solutions by the National Restaurant Association and SmartBrief for its phade® Straw

First Mass Produced Marine Biodegradable, Home and Industrial Compostable Drinking Straw Recognized as Sustainable Alternative to Petroleum-based Plastic Straws Stone Mountain, Ga. (April 8, 2021) – The phade® brand of PHA-based straws manufactured by New WinCup Holdings, Inc. has received the Innovation in FoodService Award for Sustainability Solutions from the National…

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