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Greenwashing Has To Go

Third-party certifications can help.

In a world that’s become increasingly eco-conscious, meeting independent sustainability standards is more important than ever – but many “green” brands aren’t up to the test.

The more popular sustainability becomes with consumers, the more brands try to bend the definition of what “green” really means. It’s called greenwashing, and it’s to blame for much of the confusion surrounding which products are eco-friendly and which simply use empty buzzwords to appear so.

Luckily, through our mission to replace petroleum-based, single-use plastics, we’ve found a sure-fire way to guarantee greener products and reduce pollution – third-party certifications. Learn how requiring brands to comply with global sustainability standards is the solution that can effectively move our world forward and leave deception behind.

Download The Greenwashing Effect: Navigating deception in the sustainability era