The Blue Straw at the Big Game

You might have to squint to see us in SoFi Stadium’s stands, but the difference phade® is making is clear. We’re the marine biodegradable, home and industrial compostable straws changing the world… one fan of the planet at a time.

paper wrapped phade straw

Here for LVI. Gone before next season begins.

phade® is made to break down quickly (just like you hope the opposing team’s defense does). Unlike traditional plastic straws that stick around for centuries, phade straws biodegrade in a matter of months.


phade® is the straw with the functionality you want, plus the sustainability our planet needs – and it’s one easy sip you can take to leave a healthier world for future generations.

Easy on You & the Environment

As a certifiably sustainable straw that functions just like traditional plastic, switching to phade® is one of the simplest ways to help your planet without any sacrifices.

Lasts in Drinks, Not the Ocean

Unlike other sustainable options, phade® won’t fall apart mid-use, leaving the contents of your cup – and the environment – unpolluted.

Calling All Composters

The material phade® is made of (PHA) comes from canola oil, making it a plant-based plastic that breaks down just as easily as your kitchen scraps.


From stadiums to QSRs, phade® straws can help you meet the growing consumer demand for sustainability without the disappointing results other options offer.

Function Meets Feel-Good

Being made of a biopolymer has its perks. phade® straws keep their structure while keeping your operation sustainable. PHAntastic.

Better Planet, Better Experience

Your customers care about the planet, but they care about their dining experience, too. Structurally and environmentally sound, phade® checks both boxes.

Coastal Concerns Be Gone

Oceanside eateries can rest easy knowing the turtles will be okay if a marine biodegradable phade straw® accidentally winds up in the water.

Try blue in whichever size suits you.