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We made it to the Moon

At phade, our mission has always been to replace single-use plastics with our sustainable alternative. In 2023, we successfully did just that a billion times over – enough straws to stretch halfway to the moon. But instead of stopping there, we asked you to help us double that number; to make it all the way by replacing two billion traditional straws with phade. Now, we’re proud to say that we’ve surpassed that goal – and with every phade straw you buy, we continue our journey toward a healthier planet.

    traditional straws replaced by PHA-based phade straws

    Unlike traditional straws that pollute our planet for centuries, phade straws are light-years ahead in sustainability. Their marine-biodegradable, 100%-compostable makeup allows them to break down naturally. So no matter how many phade blue straws you use, just dispose of them properly and wave goodbye to creating unnecessary waste.



    Share our progress and encourage others to join the eco-friendly mission by using #BillionsOfStrawsBetter.